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Peer-to-peer (P2P) Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with Hamachi

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on July 7, 2006

I currently have two computers; one at home and one at work. However, both of them are NATed behind firewalls. I have thought for a long time that it would be possible to use P2P techniques to create VPNs that consisted of individual peers behind firewalls. Today, I went looking for a tool that could do this and I quickly found Hamachi [site].

Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking application.

In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable.

You install the client application, create a computer name, create a network with a password and that’s about it. Do the same on your other computers, but have them connect to the existing network. Once your computers are communicating over the VPN, you can do anything that you would normally do on the LAN. Awesome!


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