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Japanese language resources

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on March 27, 2006

This weblog entry will be continually updated as I find new Japanese resources that I want to keep track of.

  • Jim Breen’s Japanese Page – Has a ton of links to various Japanese language resources. More importantly, it is the source of some open source Japanese dictionaries.
  • Kiki’s Kanji Dictionary – A very nice online dictionary based on Jim Breen’s free dictionaries.
  • jMemorize – The best Lietner flashcard tool I’ve seen. So far, doesn’t seem to have a card deck in Japanese, but I might generate one from Jim Breen’s dictionaries.
  • The JMDict Project – the maintained encarnation of the EDICT project.
  • Sustainable English – A simplified list of the 15,000 most frequently used words in English based on the British National Corpus.
  • WaKan Project – This tool may actually do everything I need. It already combines EDICT with Japanese word frequencies taken from four years of the Mainishi Newspaper
  • Free Katakana alphabet flashcards – I couldn’t find free flashcards to print out and study online… So, I made my own and they are free to the public

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