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Blue.Us: New community building tool

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on February 24, 2006

Today, the beta version of Blue.Us [Blue.Us] launched. The site combines elements such as tagging, friend networks and blogging into one easy-to-use resource.

Blue.Us uses the idea of “dotting”. When you setup your account, you are given instructions for placing a bookmark on your Firefox shortcuts toolbar. Then, as you are browsing the Net, you can “dot” sites by clicking the shortcut. When you dot a site, a small dialog pops up in your browser window above the site being dotted. The dialog allows you to choose an image from the site, as well as write a caption and a summary about the site. Once dotted, the post is displayed on your personal Blue.Us profile page and is also made available to people in your friends network.

A number of my old colleagues at Loudeye are currently working at Blue.Us. They’ve only been working on the site for a short while and they already have a lot to show for their efforts. I expect that we’ll see a lot of improvements to the product over the next few months.


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