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GSM cell service in Oaxaca

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on December 6, 2005

I have found two GSM providers in Oaxaca; Telcel [site] and Movistar [here].

Telcel has a bunch of different plans [here]. Their cheapest voice plan is about $20 US and most plans are about 2 cents US per minute for overage.

Movistar also has a number of plans. Their site really sucks so it is hard, without wasting a lot of time, to figure out what their range of plans is. My quick look shows that they are competitive.

Unfortunately, according the the Telcel coverage page, there is no GSM coverage in Zipolite [here choose: estado: Oaxaca municipio: San Pedro Pochutla ciudad: Playa Zipolite]. However, the person who runs the place I will be staying did say that they recently got GSM service. There is also discussion online on the topic [tomzap.com].


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