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The Cingular 2125 will be available for as little as $199

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on December 4, 2005

Some new juicy information has leaked about the Cingular 2125 [Smartphone Thoughts]. It still looks like we can expect the phone before Christmas. With a two year contract and the mail in rebate, the price will be as low as $199. If you buy it straight up, it will be about $399. A pretty good price, though you can get the exact same phone, unlocked and including WiFi for $509 [here].

I spent a few hours yesterday trying to find a Windows Smartphone that would support Skype. There are a couple out there, but they are really expensive and most require an SDIO WiFi card. The I-mate PDA2 will support Skype, but has no digital camera. The Eten m600 is my ideal phone (it even has built-in WiFi), but is currently very expensive and on backorder through all the U.S. stores that I could find online. So, I have resigned myself to just getting the upgraded version of the SMT 5600 and waiting another year or so for the next true convergence phone.


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