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Various VoIP Providers

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on November 13, 2005

So far, I have found the following voice over IP service providers: Vonage, Lingo, Skype, Packet8, AT&T, via:talk, MyPhoneCompany, itp4you.com, SpeakEasy, IConnectHere, TalkTimes.

There’s even a site that ranks most of these services [VoIP Rankings]. The number one rated service on VoIP Rankings is via:talk.

I hate when choices become a pain in the ass like this. I guess it is in my best interest as a consumer to have choices. Competition keeps the rates down and all. But, it really makes it hard to decide.

The via:talk service, according to the website, is in a beta mode. The 500 minute a month plan is only $9.95 and the unlimited plan is only $15.95 if you sign up for a year. That is a pretty unbeatable price. Another advantage is that you can sign up for any period of time for a little bit higher monthly rate. My only concern is that I wonder what kinds of hickups I can expect by being an early adopter.


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