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Cingular service in Mexico

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on November 13, 2005

I am looking for the cheapest way to maintain my U.S. cellphone number while also getting service in Mexico. I currently have service with Cingular and they offer the following

Cingular® Mexico™-$4.99 per month
With Cingular Mexico, get competitive rates that allow you to stay in touch, no matter where in Mexico you call or go*. Call 1-866-CINGULAR to sign up now.
59¢ per minute while roaming in Mexico
9¢ per minute when calling from the U.S.
*Outside this destination, standard rates apply [Cingular].

Add $5 per month plus $0.59 per minute for calls to the U.S. That’s crazy. I definitely need to get a VoIP solution working through the satellite Internet feed. However, I will probably set something like this up anyway because I will want cellular service.

The best of all worlds would be to keep me cellphone number in the U.S. and also add a number in Mexico, but Cingular doesn’t offer that. I’m going to see how creative I can be by mixing some of the Cingular features with some of the VoIP features (such as call forwarding, local number portability and simultaneous ring) mixed with a local cell number in Mexico.


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