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Bluetooth GPS receivers

Posted in Uncategorized by extrafox on November 13, 2005

Having a GPS might be a nice thing in Oaxaca. There are not a lot of paved roads in that region and I doubt the maps are very good. I discovered (as I was trying to find the coordinates of Zipolite) that a lot of travelers to the area do use GPS coordinates to describe where certain places are.

A GPS solution that seems to have a lot of promise are the Bluetooth GPS receivers. In theory, one of these could work with my laptop and with my Windows Mobile based phone. I found a listing of Bluetooth GPS receivers [Pocket GPS World]. Now to find one that will work with my phone and my laptop.

The nice thing about one of these GPS receivers is that I can use the interface that is most convenient. Obviously, the laptop could give the best view of a region. However, the cellphone is more portable. Using Bluetooth, the GPS unit could be in a backpack or on a dashboard and would never have to be found or messed with. I like the idea of having devices share common user interfaces instead of each device having its own. Finally, the promise of Bluetooth is starting to be realized.


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